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Do Nov 4 14:24:10 UTC 2021

Hallo an diese weiterhin kleine und feine Liste! Hier kommt eine 
Extra-Kopie der Einladung zum OERcamp.global für Euch!

Beste Grüße
Alica und das #OERcamp-Team

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Betreff: 	OERcamp.global – Einladung zur weltweiten Vernetzung
Datum: 	Thu, 4 Nov 2021 15:11:39 +0100
Von: 	OERcamp.global <info at oercamp.global>
An: 	kontakt at oercamp.de

*​​tl;dr:* Im Dezember gibt es das OERcamp.global – das erste 48-Stunden 
Festival zu Open Educational Resources. Du kannst Dich jetzt anmelden, 
Deine Session einreichen und das Event teilen 👉 Erfahre mehr auf 

*Hallo OERcamp,*

im Dezember findet das erste OERcamp.global statt – ein 48-Stunden 
Festival rund um OER und Open Education.

Seit Jahren haben wir diese Idee verfolgt – und dank einer starken 
Partnerschaft mit der Deutschen UNESCO-Kommission wird es jetzt im 
Dezember umgesetzt!

Wir möchten Dich herzlich einladen, an diesem besonderen, 
internationalen Event teilzunehmen. Du kannst Dich ab sofort kostenlos 
anmelden. Außerdem kannst Du eine Session einreichen – und zwar in 
diesem Projekt für einen Zeitslot Deiner Wahl!

Außerdem haben wir eine besondere Bitte: Das OERcamp.global soll 
Menschen aus aller Welt erreichen. Das geht nur über die Methode 
„Weitersagen“. Daher bitten wir Dich, die Einladung unten gezielt an 
Menschen oder Organisationen außerhalb des deutschsprachigen Raums zu 

Details stehen unten und auf der Website https://oercamp.global.

Wenn Du Fragen hast, freuen wir uns über Deine Antwort.

Liebe Grüße,
Jöran und das #OERcamp-Team

*OERcamp.global 2021 – Unconference on OER**
**The first 48-hour Festival for Open Educational Resources**
**December 09–11, 2021 | globally | BarCamp | via Zoom*

*What is the OERcamp.global?*
The OERcamp is a BarCamp on Open Education and Open Educational 
Resources (OER). “BarCamp” means that everyone can contribute to the 
programme by submitting their sessions. It is a user-generated 
(un-)conference. A BarCamp is not only about sharing knowledge: Open 
issues, ongoing activities and joint reflection can take place in 
sessions, as well. It’s about sharing and co-creating knowledge, the 
open way!

The event communication will be in English. Workshop sessions in any 
other language are highly welcomed!

The OERcamp.global is hosted by the German Commission for UNESCO and 
Agentur J&K – Jöran und Konsorten, which has been hosting OERcamps since 

*How will it work?*
Free Registration and Open Call for Sessions will start in late October.
The opening session of OERcamp.global will start on 9 December at 1 pm 
We will have 48 hours of sessions and plenary hours, so that everyone 
can choose the time of the day (or night) to participate in the event.

OERcamp.global will take place in a format called ‘BarCamp’. This 
unconference format invites everyone to contribute to the programme. 
It’s an open and participatory event, made of user-generated 

*Why an OERcamp.global?*
Let’s celebrate OER! Let’s share our knowledge, experience and 
resources! Let’s get to know each other, as individuals, as 
organisations, globally! Let’s talk about our projects, our aims, our 
hopes, and also about our doubts and challenges.

OER is all about sharing – and why should we stop at geographical 
borders? We will gather for a 48-hour unconference with practitioners, 
activists, scientists, nOERds and novices from around the globe. (No, of 
course, no one has to stay for the full 48 hours. Just pick from the 
schedule – /it’s an all you can learn buffet/! ;-))

*What can you do?*
Towards the end of October we are going to ask you for *three ‘P’s: 
Participate! Present! Promote!*

  * Participate <https://goto.oercamp.global> in the OERcamp.global
    between 9 and 11 December.
  * Present <http://present.oercamp.global> your work, share your
  * Promote <http://promote.oercamp.global>the event, spread the word
    within your communities.

All three activities are crucial. Since there is no huge marketing 
budget for promoting the event, we will rely on the global network of 
individuals and organisations in the field of OER to spread the word.

To learn more, visit oercamp.global <https://oercamp.global>, follow 
@oercamp on Twitter <https://twitter.com/oercamp?lang=de>, subscribe to 
our news <https://www.oercamp.de/newsletter/>, or contact us via 
info at oercamp.global.

*UNESCO Recommendation on OER*
Sessions are welcome on all aspects of OER and Open Education. We 
especially encourage topics which support the implementation of the 
UNESCO OER Recommendation 
regarding the five Areas of Action outlined in the Recommendation:

 1. Building the capacity of stakeholders to create, access, re-use,
    adapt and redistribute OER;
 2. Developing supportive policy for OER;
 3. Encouraging inclusive and equitable quality OER;
 4. Nurturing the creation of sustainability models for OER; and
 5. Promoting and reinforcing international cooperation in OER.

More on OERcamps*
OERcamps open up new and contemporary formats for learning based on 
openness, sharing, personal meaning, participation and equality. They 
are the appropriate format of education for a time in which we depend on 
not only transferring fixed knowledge but also co-creating new 
knowledge. OERcamps are about sharing, discussing, negotiating solutions 
for a world in perpetual change.

The OERcamp started as a grassroot movement in Germany in 2012. It has 
since been awarded the Open Innovation Award, mentioned in the Horizon 
Report, and highlighted in a UNESCO Report. Learn more about the 
OERcamps … <https://www.oercamp.de/about-oercamps-in-english/>

https://oercamp.global  | #oercampglobal
info at oercamp.global  | +49 40 340 686 33

c/o Agentur J&K – Jöran und Konsorten, Schmilinskystr. 45, 20099 Hamburg, Germany
The OERcamp.global is hosted by the German Commission for UNESCO and Agentur J&K – Jöran und Konsorten.
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